About Sarah-Bands




Sarah-Bands are designed and handmade by Sarah Grace, a 24 year old young lady with Down syndrome and hearing loss. Since she was little, she’s loved to wear fun and pretty headbands, hats and scarves. Her favorite style is Retro 1970’s Disco Dance Club, a la her favorite song Dancing Queen (with the headband worn across the forehead). On shy days she likes to pull them down over her eyes, or if its too loud at school she will cover her ears with the fabric.

About Sarah as a working artist:

Sarah is an artist at Interact Visual and Performing Arts Center and spends three days a week creating art: painting, drawing, collages, mosaics, woven and multi-media. Her work has been on display (and sold) through various local Minneapolis/St. Paul art shows and galleries. Her favorite is participating in the bi-annual St. Paul Art Crawl. Sarah has a website for her art through Interact and the Walker Center for Art: http://www.mnartists.org/sarahn

sarah fabric paintingsmiley fabric sarah


About Sarah-Band hair accessories (headbands/hat bands/scarves): Sarah picks the fabric and colors out (sometimes with her favorite patterns like frogs and horses), and her mom (or dad, Gramma and special friends) help her to paint or bedazzle the fabric, cut them out and sew them together. It is about quality not quantity for Sarah! She takes her time and instills her love and care into each and every one.

woven headbandschiaki sarah weaving

NEW!!! Saori Loom Woven Sarah Bands:

Sarah’s new fabric pastime is Saori Loom weaving. She works with her instructor Chiaki O’Brien twice a month to create a variety of woven works of art and material for headbands! Stay-tuned for special pricing of these new unique headbands!

Woven Memories: Sarah has recently begun weaving special pieces (of all sizes) for those who have lost loved ones. She uses pieces of their favorite clothes and weaves them with their favorite colors into unique forever keepsakes. Below is one finished wall hanging of her great-uncle Bob’s overalls and flannels (with his favorite John Deere green/yellow color scheme).



She will be selling them in local Minneapolis boutiques or provide made-to-order. Prices range for FABRIC HEADBANDS range from $10-$30. WOVEN headbands start at $25-$75. Special discounts for multiples of one style/painted fabric. Sizes are petite, small, medium, large (made-to-order measure your head around the forehead).

Please Contact: Sarah and her mom Cindy at cklnehrbass@gmail.com for more information on how to get these fun and special style accessories!

Note: visit RECENT POSTS section on site below for additional and new artwork.


Sass up your style with Sarah-Bands!!!




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